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Android Press

punks de ficção científica e fantasia

Nossa história

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The following androids are the punks who run this outfit. This crew puts a lot of time, love, and care into curating stories and working with authors to develop and prepare the work we publish. Editors are listed alphabetically by last name.

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Christina Brown is looking for:

Science fiction, science fantasy, and paranormal fantasy novels and novellas for adult, young adult, or middle grade audiences.I gravitate toward:

  • Action and adventure with a side of comedy, horror, romance, or whimsy

  • Diverse, equitable, inclusive, wondrous futures—or characters working to create such futures

  • Nuanced, thrilling explorations of philosophical, psychological, or sociopolitical themes

  • Protagonists who are underdogs, outsiders, or “nobodies”

  • Sentient AI, sentient planets, aliens that truly seem alien, etc.

  • Travel through space, time, or spiritual realms

  • Subtle, subversive social commentary

  • Lunarpunk elements


She's also open to:

  • Hard science fiction with strong character development

  • Literary speculative fiction with strong plot development and world-building

  • Mashups, alternative histories, experimental structures, etc.

Above all, she's looking for any speculative fiction with what she calls the HUMAN-G ingredients:

  • Harmony (internally consistent storytelling and world-building)

  • Urgency (pervasive, meaningful dramatic tension)

  • Mystery (an intriguing central question or predicament)

  • Agency (resourceful, dynamic characters)

  • Novelty (fresh ideas, settings, and perspectives)

  • Gravity (a lingering emotional or intellectual impact)

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MacKenzie River Foy is looking for:

  • Rich worldbuilding, indulgent prose, and a good laugh.

  • I feel strongly that more books should have pictures in them. 

  • You should know my attention span demands a delicate balance between plot-driving action and quiet interiority.

  • I'm generally interested in aesthetics of the blues, afrofuturism, horror, and power although I do have a taste for traditional historical fiction and sci-fi too.

  • Specifically, I am eager to read about fictional feasts, kitchen witches, moonlit rituals, singing rivers, and long-awaited vengeances.

  • If you really want to impress me, send over something experimental - anything that challenges norms around conflict, form, linear time, and dialect. 

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Robin Rose Graves is looking for:

  • mainly for science fiction, including contemporary with light science fiction elements, to even science fantasy or generally speculative. So long as it somehow can be considered scifi. Adult/New Adult/Young Adult.

  • LGBT characters for sure. Bonus points if it's a future that's past homophobia. I'll entertain manuscripts that depict homophobia so long as it has purpose in the story besides to make characters suffer.

  • Non-traditional family structures

  • Exploration of gender and/or presentation (I'm thinking books like The Unraveling like Benjamin Rosenbaum, where bodies can look however and appearance isn't attributed to gender)

  • Bioships/biotech

  • AI/Androids, particularly stories that explore motivations other than "trying to be human"

  • Aliens

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J.D. Harlock is looking for:

  • Genre fiction written in a literary style

  • Literary fiction that uses genre fiction tropes, settings, and characters to explore interesting ideas

  • Non-traditional narrative structures

  • Experimentation that's pulled off so well it doesn't come off as experimentation

  • Humor is more than welcome!

  • goofy stories that are profound (in the vein of Adventure Time/Rick and Morty) or just goofy stories with nothing more to them (the works of Akira Toriyama including early Dragon Ball)

I'm open to novellas, novels, graphic novels, picture books, comic books (stand-alone and series), poetry collections, and short story collections, especially collections that feature stories that follow the same set of characters or are set in the same universe

I'm open to any genre.

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Somto Ihezue is looking for:

pretty much anything that fits within the scope of the press, but he’d particularly love to see

  • Stories that defy.

  • Stories that resist.

  • Stories that are kind, sincere, and unbowed. 

  • Stories that find the light. 

  • Stories that are home.

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Coral Alejandra Moore is looking for:

  • Character driven stories that focus on the complex relationships between characters.

  • Stories that emphasize building groups or communities to overcome obstacles rather than characters solving problems in isolation.

  • Stories that defy and especially stories that subvert the Hero’s Journey.

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Android Press, LLC é uma pequena editora que publica ficção científica, fantasia e os vários subgêneros -punk. Adoramos histórias cheias de esperança e otimismo. Também amamos histórias que são um espelho para nossa sociedade e nos obrigam a reexaminar nosso passado e nossos valores para seguir em frente e construir um futuro melhor.


Nosso primeiro projeto, Solarpunk Magazine , é uma publicação bimestral de ficção, poesia, não ficção e arte que está atualmente em fase de crowdfunding e lançará sua primeira edição em janeiro de 2022.

Também publicamos romances, novelas, antologias e coleções de contos.  

Na Android Press, temos orgulho da atenção que damos aos autores com quem trabalhamos. Não somos uma editora que produz tantos livros quanto possível. Selecionamos cuidadosamente o trabalho que publicamos e publicamos apenas um número limitado de títulos a cada ano, para que possamos nos concentrar em dar a cada autor o tempo e o cuidado que ele e seu trabalho merecem.

A Android Press está sediada em Eugene, Oregon.

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Leon Perniciaro is looking for:

  • Adult to crossover-YA science fiction and fantasy novels and novellas

  • Science fiction or fantasy that has an environmental ben

  • Science fiction or fantasy that centers labor conflicts and rights

  • Social science fiction (but that's subtly executed!

  • Unusual alternate histories

  • Stories with found family and mutual aid and care


Leon is less interested in:

  • Straight-up horror

  • Stories that contain violence against children

  • Any kind of sexual violence

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