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Theo is the kind of guy who'd steal your painkillers and lie to you about it while high. He's the kind of guy who swears he just scored a gig and so he can totally pay you back-rent, don't worry about it. He is an asshole, and our story begins when he alienates the last of his friends in Berlin and is kicked out onto the street.

Unbeknownst to him however, this cutting of social ties enables him to tap into a world of sympathetic magic. The caveat is that only those who go unnoticed, those without ties to the world and society, can perform magic. 

Theo works and trains to become a better magician, but does he have it within him to confront himself? Can he learn the difference between self-hatred and egolessness?

Praise for Eóin Dooley's 
No Sympathy


This book is a true exploration of self-destruction. Read it in solitude and learn what it means to truly have nothing left to lose.

—Tina Alberino, editor and cult leader at The Dread Machine

No Sympathy’s combination of urban magic, critiques of everyday life, and a plea for genuine human solidarity that both takes on and sublates our own finitude and failings is exactly what we need more of. On every level a bold debut from a writer to watch!

—Jon Greenaway, author of Capitalism: A Horror Story 

The bleakest take on wizards and magic, No Sympathy is urban fantasy somehow still isolated from the real world. It's surreal, yet completely grounded, and is one of the most unique examples of the genre I've had the pleasure of reading. Dooley subverts the hero's quest, the Chosen One trope, and other fantasy staples. The protagonist may be annoyed by that, but you won't. No Sympathy is a welcome divergence from mainstream fiction.

—Creag Munroe, editor of Elegant Literature Magazine

This tale of a sudden-magician and his desire to use his newfound powers for good—really, his assumption that he must do so—reveals the underlying magic of contemporary society... just probably not in the way you'd expect, what with needing to graffiti a McDonald's in the process. Theo and the cabal of magicians which take him in form a collective which we all hope exists: the secret helpers on the fringes, those who work endlessly—and expend what power they have—to make the world incrementally better. But, as must always be asked, and as all the great stories in this tradition do: at what cost?

—Mike Rugnetta, co-creator of Fun City Ventures



2023 BSFA &

Locus Award Finalist

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rivers in your skin, sirens in your hair
by Marisca Pichette

Best Collection

Preorder Art (13).jpg


The Sauútiverse Anthology

edited by Wole Talabi

2023 BSFA &

Nebula Award Finalist

Nebula Award


Best YA Fiction

Game Writing

Preorder Art (3).jpg

The Inn at the

Amethyst Lantern

by J. Dianne Dotson

NFG Preorder Art (6).jpg

Ninefox Gambit RPG

by Yoon Ha Lee


The Year of Return

the debut novella

by Ivana Akotowaa Ofori

Praise for The Year of Return


"Nuanced, disturbing, powerful, political. Ofori is a stunning new voice."

     —Samit Basu


"Akotowaa’s The Year of Return is a moving story weaving history, family ties, and found community into a unique tapestry. It seamlessly pulls the past into the present, bringing ancestors and descendants together, and forcing to the surface the consequences of injustices long committed. She presents the lived experiences of our ancestors in its rawest, most authentic form. The Year of Return is a remembrance, an unearthing, and a worthy piece of storytelling."

     —Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki. Nebula, Locus, Otherwise, British, World Fantasy award  winner, Hugo, British Science Fiction & NAACP Image award finalist. 


"A moving and timely perspective on one of the greatest horrors in human history. Ofori presents ancient and recent events in a startlingly original take about our responsibilities to our past, our present, and our future."

     —R.S.A. Garcia, Locus, Sturgeon, Nebula and IGNYTE Award finalist




Follow Eddie Razor and Kid in this bizarre cyberpunk adventure as they run for their lives through the Cade, a two-kilometer long arcade where they encounter a sentient supermarket trolley, a psychopathic group of stylish young thugs, aliens, a homicidal computer game, and more.

What people are saying about DIFFERENT KINDS OF DEFIANCE





Different Kinds of Defiance offers heart-rending and moving stories of small miracles. In Renan Bernardo's world, miracles aren't the deeds of saints, but of everyday people who count on themselves and each other for survival against a harsh landscape.

—Eugenia Triantafyllou, Ignyte, Nebula and World Fantasy Award-finalist author

DIFFERENT KINDS OF DEFIANCE is a collection of stories that are both tender and explosive, centering resistance towards bleak futures and inaction, collaboration and community, restoration, social justice, environmental impact, and rebellions and risked lives aimed at reparations all told through musical prose written by an experienced hand and polished voice. Bernardo effectively subverts stereotypes and redefines concepts. These stories plant seeds of hope for the future and caution us against what humanity stands to both gain and lose as a result of technology, science, and most of all human-centric thinking.

—Ai Jiang, Nebula, BSFA, Bram Stoker Award Finalist and author of LINGHUN and I AM AI

A solarpunk graphic novel based on the short story by Brazilian author Renan Bernardo.

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