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There are dragons in Lagos and witches who wear their sons’ skins, while an alliance of otherworldly beings are collecting intelligent life forms in the depths of the universe.

Falowo’s poetically precise language and spine-tingling plot twists are reminiscent of both Poe and Kafka as they tackle themes of belonging, abusive maternal relationships, and tragic love in an unforgettable literary adventure.

This collection features some of Falowo’s most notable previously published stories alongside new tales of magic and terror. Ngozi Ugegbe Nwa was longlisted for the 2021 NOMMO for short stories and Vain Knife was longlisted for the 2020 NOMMO for short stories. Convergence in Chorus Architecture appeared on the 2020 Locus Recommended reading list and was longlisted for the BFSA short fiction award, the 2021 NOMMO for novellas, and the 2021 SCKA award for short fiction.

Caged Ocean Dub (eBook)

SKU: 015
  • Title: Caged Ocean Dub: Glints & Stories
    Author: Dare Segun Falowo 
    Publisher: ‎Android Press
    Release Date: June 20, 2023
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1958121214
    Format: EPUB

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