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Releases August 31, 2023


A carnivorous vine on a planet infected with a human exodus cult, forges psychic connections with Earth, and bestows an unsuspecting group of women with the power to heal or destroy the remnants of humanity.


In a story that spans the galaxy, this ultimately hopeful, eco-punk adult science fantasy novel  explores the future of humanity and our obligations to our planet of origin through characters who wrestle with non-conforming desires, gender identities, and sexualities.

Star-Scorched Fingertips (eBook)

SKU: 017
  • Title: Star-Scorched Fingertips
    Author: Melissa Ferguson
    Publisher: ‎Android Press
    Release Date: August 31, 2023
    Language: English
    Format: EPUB
    ISBN: 978-1958121399
    Format: EPUB

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